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Vimedix Ultrasound Simulator | CAE Healthcare

The most comprehensive and easy-to-use ultrasound simulator

CAE Vimedix is a high-fidelity simulator that facilitates the learning process for cardiac, lung, abdominal and Ob/Gyn ultrasound – all on one common platform. With its state-of-the-art manikin-based system and innovative software tools, CAE Vimedix accelerates the development of essential psychomotor and cognitive skills for ultrasound probe handling, image interpretation, diagnoses and clinical decision-making.

NEW! CAE Vimedix 3.0 now features a new and modern user interface for added realism in learning basic ultrasound fundamentals.

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CAE Vimedix Augmented Reality. Innovation at your fingertips.

Projected from its two-dimensional environment onto the physical world, our CAE Vimedix ultrasound simulator leaps to life, displaying anatomy you can enlarge, turn, and rotate, or command to return into its manikin body, to view the interrelatedness between all structures. Witness in real time how the ultrasound beam cuts through the human anatomy and develop a better understanding of probe handling. Now available for cardiac, abdominal and Ob/Gyn versions of CAE Vimedix.

See more of our work with Microsoft HoloLens or contact us to discuss custom industry solutions here


CAE Vimedix is the only ultrasound simulator to offer 3D/4D ultrasound for advanced cardiac assessment and diagnosis.


Enhanced with Color Doppler and Spectral Doppler (Pulsed Wave and Continuous Wave) for normal cases and select cardiac pathologies.


Coupled with augmented reality, CAE VimedixAR facilitates the learning of the FAST protocol with validated performance metrics.

VimedixAR with Microsoft HoloLens

Vimedix Features

Vimedix Instructional Content

Vimedix Augmented Reality

Vimedix Cardiac - Overview

Vimedix Cardiac - Features

Vimedix Abdo - Overview

Vimedix Ob/Gyn - Overview

Vimedix Ob/Gyn - Features




Complimentary access to a library of dynamic pathology cases
Instructional content for efficient scanning techniques and FAST examination
State-of-the-art manikin with palpable bony landmarks
Custom upgrade package options

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