A New Framework: Simulation-Based Education in Healthcare (by HEE & ASPiH)

| Roxanne Blanford

"Simulation-Based Education in Healthcare: Standards Framework and Guidance" is the culmination of a 2-year development program to establish a framework of best-use practices and essential (yet, generic) attributes for the deliverance of effective simulation-based education.

See The New Proposed Guidelines for Simulation-Based Education in Healthcare 

Funded in part by the Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare (ASPiH), and produced in collaboration with Health Education England (HEE), these SBE standards are, at present, a work in progress.

The ASPiH team consulted with numerous pilot sites, experts and clinicians to build a working document with the potential to address the needs of the widest possible range of SBE practitioners and faculty, including novice and experienced allied health professionals who are both new to, and well-versed in, simulation-based healthcare training (standardized patients, role play, simulated patients, task trainers, full body manikins, etc).

CAE Athena Patient Simulator _ ventilation

Basic Tenets of a Quality Framework for Simulation-Based Education Guidelines

The Framework is intended to provide quality assurance for providers, regulators, professional bodies and commissioners and has the following wider benefits:

● Provides a common framework and defined standards that can be applied within educational and healthcare sectors

● Provides a clear focus on improving the quality of simulation-based education and practice

● Informs future policy and practice amongst regulatory and professional bodies

● Supports better informed and more consistent commissioning practices

● Strengthens opportunities and benefits of peer networking, collaboration and improvement

● Provides a more robust platform on which to develop the evidence base that will further define best practice

*from the Executive Summary

The document is structured in two parts (Standards and Guidance), then sub-grouped into cohesive themes, such as 'faculty', 'technical personnel', 'activity', and 'resources'.

ASPiH plans to introduce a draft Accreditation process early in 2017 to facilitate self-evaluation against the Framework. This will enable all practitioners and their organizations to use the Standards Framework in a consistent way and identify how their practice benchmarks against both the Standards and Guidance.

"ASPIH hopes the standards will be used as a tool to improve simulated practice and
serve as an aspirational document for those developing and delivering SBE. The document should not be seen as prescriptive and the intention is not to stifle innovation or creativity.

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