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HPS Anesthesia Human Patient Simulator | CAE Healthcare

The brilliance that started it all with the validated physiology you can count on

Designed specifically to support anesthesia and medical gases, with patented cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological and pharmacological modeling, the CAE HPS Human Patient Simulator is the Gold Standard in high fidelity patient simulation for respiratory and critical care training. The HPS Human Patient Simulator interfaces with real clinical monitors and ventilators, and automatically responds to the administration of real anesthetic gases, oxygen therapy and drugs/medications.

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With true oxygen and CO2 gas exchange, the HPS is the only patient simulator that truly breathes. Exceptional lung mechanics accurately represent complex surgical, critical care and drug interaction scenarios to deliver stunningly realistic patient responses


The HPS provides simulation training that is so real, the simulator can flow trigger, or pressure trigger, a ventilator to cycle and may even be configured to fight the ventilator


The HPS is available in two configurations - adult and pediatric - fo expansive training capabilities. The PediaSIM HPS is specifically designed for risk-free practice of anesthesia, respiratory and pediatric critical care.


Alternatively available to train in a broad range of features without anesthesia support capability, the CAE Healthcare HPS manikin offers the Health Science HPS to accommodate nursing, respiratory therapy, and emergency medicine

HPS Human Patient Simulator




Administer anesthetic agents and medical gases
Uptake and distribution of nitrous oxide and volatile anesthetic
Variable airway resistance and compliance
Head tilt/chin lift
Surgical and needle cricothyrotomy
Adequate chest compressions result in simulated circulation, cardiac output, central and peripheral blood pressures, carbon dioxide return
Enhanced Drug Recognition System that automatically identifies the drug, concentration and dose-- requiring no interaction from the instructor

Powered by Müse with Physiological Modeling


Powered by Müse with Physiological Modeling

With integrated physiology that is based on validated models of cardiovascular, respiratory and pharmacological systems, Müse accurately mimics medical conditions and responds automatically to clinical interventions. That means your learners get a consistent, objective learning experience every time until they master the skills necessary to save a human life. All patient simulators come with the Müse software platform.

Müse accurately mimics medical conditions and responds automatically to clinical interventions

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