CAE Maestro Stadalone

Remote Learning for Healthcare with CAE Maestro

Available Now for a Free Trial - Maestro Standalone Software

This summer, CAE Healthcare will launch a virtual learning platform powered by the Maestro software.

Interested in an early onboard? Sign up for the Maestro Standalone free trial.

Start your free trial of Maestro Standalone, which can serve as a tool for virtual scenario development or to instruct students online via any web conferencing solution such as Webex or Zoom. Maestro Standalone  2.0 includes our new virtual ventilator for practice of patient ventilation scenarios.

Maestro Standalone will have the same user experience and functionality as that of the upcoming virtual learning solution, giving you a good preview.

Six Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) included - SCE 1, SCE 2, SCE 3, SCE 4, SCE 5, SCE 6

How does Maestro Standalone work? Easy, 3 simple steps.

1. Sign up for a free trial. Download the CAE Maestro software to your laptop or tablet. Create a login account and then begin operating the software.

2. Once your trial is activated, develop your own content or run CAE Healthcare Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) on your laptop or desktop.

3. Over any web conferencing platform such as  Webex or Zoom, you can share your screen with patient information and the vital signs monitoring you choose based on your learning objectives.