Digital Learning

Learning must be impactful

We believe in creating a learning environment that is individualized and leverages interactive and adaptive software, giving students the ability to learn anywhere, at any time. CAE Healthcare is focused on leveraging digital learning solutions that provide real-time data, providing educators the information they need to adjust instruction and meet the unique needs of each learner.  Digital learning creates a pathway to allow students to work at their own pace while achieving the personalized level of learning that is impactful. 

COVID-19 Ventilator Reskilling
Developed by leading group of globally recognized clinical professionals

In collaboration with Area9 Lyceum, a global leader in adaptive learning, CAE Healthcare has released this adaptive learning course.

Mechanical ventilation is a complex skill that often requires a combination of courses.  With the high demand of ventilator management in the acute setting, healthcare professionals may be tasked with managing these complex patients with minimal understanding of mechanical ventilation or ventilators. As you expand your knowledge and experience, or simply want to enhance your understanding of mechanical ventilation, let us help you.  In this course, you will learn about:

  • Respiratory Physiology
  • Basic Functions of a Ventilator
  • Ventilator Use in Respiratory Failure
  • Goals of Care in Respiratory Failure

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